How do I move my WordPress website to DigitPipe?

In this guide we explain how you can easily move your WordPress website to DigitPipe using Installatron. You only need to enter a few details in Installatron and your site will then be moved automatically.


1. Log in to DirectAdmin

Log in to DirectAdmin, don't you know how that works yet? Click here for our manual.


2. Go to Installatron

In DirectAdmin under "Additional Features" go to "Installatron Applications Installer".


3. Import existing installation

Search in Installatron for the application "WordPress", then click the button next to the "Install" button and choose "Import existing installation".


You will now be asked where you want to import from. Choose "From another account".


4. Enter current hosting details

Enter the details of the old hosting here.


5. Choose destination domain

Choose the domain, protocol (http or https) and www or non-www.


6. Import

Then click "Import" at the bottom right to start the transfer.

Tip: Can't Installatron connect to the server? Then try entering the IPv4 address of the server with the server IP address.


7. DNS change

Once the import is complete, you can (if not already done so) move the domain name, or point your site's DNS records to DigitPipe's server.


When installing WordPress, Installatron automatic updates and backups are automatically enabled.

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