How do I install WordPress?

In this guide we explain how you can install WordPress with a few clicks using Installatron.


1. Log in to DirectAdmin

Log in to DirectAdmin, don't you know how that works yet? Click here for our manual.


2. Go to Installatron

In DirectAdmin under "Additional Features" go to "Installatron Applications Installer".


3. Install WordPress

In Installatron, search for the "WordPress" application, then click the "Install" button.


4. Choose a location

Choose the URL you want to install WordPress on here. It is best to choose an encrypted HTTPS URL (starting with https://)


5. Login credentials and website name

Next, choose a WordPress username and password, and keep them safe. You can also set the title and subtitle (tag) of your WordPress website here.


6. Other settings

Take a look at the settings on this page. Here are also settings for the version of WordPress, the language and whether it is allowed to update automatically. We recommend that you leave these settings as they are by default, automatic updating is enabled by default.


7. Install

Then click "Install" at the bottom right to start the installation of WordPress.


8. Done!

WordPress will now be installed automatically. This takes a few seconds. When the installation is complete, a page will be displayed with the links to your WordPress site and also the admin page where you can manage your WordPress site. The admin page can be accessed by default at (replace with your domain name).

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