How do I enable DNSSEC?

DNSSEC provides the DNS records with a digital signature, so that the requester can check whether the records that come back are authentic. This means that "spoofing" DNS, or so-called cache poisoning, is no longer possible. In this manual we explain how you can enable DNSSEC for your domain name.

DNSSEC can currently only be enabled when using managed DNS. It does not work in combination with own name servers.


1. Log in to our client area

Log in to our customer panel


2. Go to the domain name

Go to Domains & Hosting and click on the domain name for which you want to enable DNSSEC.


3. Enable DNSSEC

Click on "Enable DNSSEC" in the DNS management.


4. DNSSEC is enabled

DNSSEC is now automatically enabled. Keys are generated on our DNS servers and the DNS zone is signed, then the keys are sent to the registry. It may take a few hours for this to be implemented.

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