04 June 2022 by DigitPipe

The 2nd major WordPress update in 2022, WordPress 6.0 "Arturo" was released on May 24. This update offers a number of improvements that we would like to explain for you in this article.


1. Improved Text Editing

Since the new update, some improvements have been made to text editing in the backend. You can now:

  • Select text across multiple blocks for easier copy/paste.
  • Type 2 brackets ([[) to get a quick list of recent posts and pages.
  • Keep existing layout when you change blocks type. For example from paragraph to code block.
  • Custom buttons and new buttons automatically retain the formatting.


2. Style switching

Block themes now have the option to include multiple style variations. This allows you to easily change the look and feel of your site within the same theme.


3. More template options

There are five new block theme template options in WordPress 6.0: author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy. These new templates provide more flexibility for content creators:

  • Featured images can be used in the cover image block.
  • New image editing options make it easier to display the image however you want.
  • While editing a template, you can easily insert patterns and template parts with the quick inserter.
  • The query block lets you filter for multiple authors, now also has support for custom taxonomies, and lets you customize the action that is performed when there are no results.


4. Integrated Patterns

Patterns will show up in even more places, such as the quick inserter, or when you create a new header or footer. When you create a new block theme you can even register patterns in the theme.json file allowing you to prioritize specific patterns.


5. New design tools

There are a number of new design tools in the new WordPress version:

  • New color palette design takes up less space but still shows all options quickly.
  • New border design options let you set borders exactly the way you want them.
  • Color transparency levels allow for even more color options.
  • Adjust spacing, margins, typography, and more on multiple blocks at once with the group block.
  • Switch between stacking, row and group variations to position groups of blocks with more layout flexibility.
  • Set spacing in the gallery to create different layouts, add more spacing or even remove all spacing.


6. Better List View

The key combinations / hotkeys let you select multiple blocks from the list view. View or edit them in bulk and drag them into the list. The list view can be easily opened and closed and automatically selects the current block.


7. Lock Blocks

You can now lock blocks so that you cannot move or delete a block. This allows you to give customers easier access without worrying about accidentally changing the layout of the site.


8. Improved Performance

This release includes several improvements in WordPress speed. These improvements have been applied to basic page load time, among other things, as well as browser processing after page load. This will make your site even faster.



As explained above, the new version contains several improvements. So quickly update your site to the latest version. Have you already enabled automatic updates via Installatron? Then the update will happen automatically.