The hosting specialist with 9+ years of experience

With more than 9 years of experience in the hosting industry, DigitPipe is the partner for your online presence.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to make our hosting even faster and better. There are already enough providers that do the same, we look forward.

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Meet Bas

DigitPipe was founded by Bas. Bas has more than 9 years of experience in the IT industry. In 2014 he started his first game server hosting company. He has further expanded this company into one of the leading international providers in this industry.

Bas founded DigitPipe to serve the business side of the hosting industry with his knowledge and experience. He sees that there are many providers in this market, but that there is little development. By doing good research and a lot of testing, we always find ways to make our hosting even faster and better.

Bas from DigitPipe

Automate as much as possible

We love automation. If you have to perform one task more than once, we prefer to make software that does it for us. This improves the speed, and the error sensitivity decreases. From ordering to finally putting your website live, you can do it all yourself with our own control panel.

We have developed this control panel ourselves so that we retain full control ourselves and that it matches our services exactly. We give you as a customer the complete freedom to manage your services.

More about our control panel

Security by design

Information security is not an afterthought. We think about information security from the design phase up to and including the realization and further development of our services.

Our servers are always set up according to the latest security standards, we use high-quality encryption and keep a close eye on security trends. badge

We would like to unburden you as a website builder

Automatic updates

It is important that your site has the latest security updates. Have your site automatically updated via Installatron so that you don't have to worry about this anymore.


If, despite the automatic updates, there is still a leak in your site, our malware scanner will automatically close this leak so that it can no longer be abused.


If your site still gets infected with malware despite the automatic updates and malware scanner, or have you made a mistake yourself? Then easily restore a version via our control panel.

What do our clients think?

"I am impressed with the speed... My WordPress website has never been so fast with other hosting providers and here I pay even less. Thanks DigitPipe!"

Dirk Hindriks

"After payment I immediately received the credentials, I had to move my site myself, but with the manuals on the site that worked out fine. No problems so far."

Thijn van Weert

What do
clients think?